To deal with aphids is very difficult, however, if you approach the destruction of these insects is complex, then the result will be, and with each treatment it will be more pronounced. If Kalina garden has a small height, in this case opalite her with ash or with a mixture of ash and tobacco dust. Aphids, like most pests, can not tolerate these substances, and that will be the deciding factor for their relocation.

If you are going to use berries in food or the creation of any of the tinctures, that in 10 liters of water dissolve a half piece of soap, and treat the resulting solution leaves the trees, the remaining liquid pour out at the root. One treatment will be enough to viburnum aphids left. It is worth noting that if you are going to use this method for getting rid of aphids, a soap solution be sure to treat and other shrubs and trees, herbs in the garden is required to ensure that these pests are not moved to them).

If you grow viburnum specifically for berry, then you should opt out of processing chemicals, as these tools can affect the taste and properties of the crop. Do a good job with aphids, many folk remedies, for example, infusions of garlic, sage, chamomile, etc., and decoctions of several herbs are more effective.

Aphids on Kalina: how to deal folk remedies

Put in a 10 l bucket with 150-200 grams of onion peel, add 500 grams of ashes and tobacco were, stir and keep warm for five days. Over time a solution filter and spray aphids damaged trees. Repeat the procedure every three days until the disappearance of the pests. It is worth noting that five to seven treatments enough to the insects was replaced by "place of residence".

In the bucket 10 litres pour 300 grams of ash and fill it with a liter of boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled, add water (to the brim of the bucket) and 30-50 grams of liquid soap. All mix and use this solution for the treatment of trees. The procedure must be repeated after a week.

If Kalina is small, it can opurity leaves and young branches of the trees with a mixture of spices and ash. In a bowl, mix in equal proportions mustard, red pepper and ash, sift through a sieve with an average mesh. The resulting mixture, place in cheesecloth and tie to make a bag. Treat the resulting "dust" plants. A week later, rinse with the mixture and the remaining insects under the water pressure.