Learn the language. If you want to find a good, prestigious and well-paid job, the Italian language you need to know almost perfectly. Without knowledge of the language for foreigners only take on a heavy, dead-end job with minimal pay. Besides, most do not speak the language of foreign workers can not understand the labour laws of Italy, and, consequently, to protect their rights. This is actively used by dishonest employers. Don't think that will help you knowledge of the English language, the average Italian does not own. Learn the standard Italian language, but if you want to make the stay as comfortable as possible, learn the dialect of that part of Italy where you are going (Sicily, Naples, Venice, etc.)
Check out flussi Decree (Flussi migratori) for the current and subsequent year. At the end of each year the Italian government sets a specific quota for the entry of employees and granting them a residence permit. The size of the quotas determined by the relevance of the profession and if the profession is very in demand, the quota can be unlimited.
Find an employer, after reviewing the provisions of the current Decree. You can do it on specialized sites for employment of foreign workers. The call to work is the most powerful argument for obtaining an Italian residence permit.
Have a certain amount of money for current expenses in anticipation of work. If you come to Italy in search of work and do not have specific proposals, you must be at least nine thousand euros of annual income (at home). The money you will pay for health insurance, accommodation and meals.