1. In the summer, when the street is hot, and many people wear open footwear, wash the feet every day is necessary. In winter, this procedure should be performed no less than three to four times a week. The washing of the feet is best done in the cool water and finish the procedure with cold water.

  2. If you feel too tired after work, try to do contrast showers for your feet. This is necessary for two to three minutes alternating hot and cold water, feeding her under the strong pressure sprayer flexible shower. Finish the procedure with cold water is better as it tones the blood vessels and greatly improves blood circulation of feet.

  3. Very useful foot baths with sea salts or of decoction of leaves of bilberry, Heather, or pomegranate peel. If you are doing a foot Spa, lower in her legs for no less than ten minutes. Steamed and softened the skin should be thoroughly rubbed with a pumice stone.

  4. If you feel that your feet often sweat in the shoes, try after washing feet, apply a special powder. The main active ingredient of this powder is salicylic or boric acid.

  5. After you have finished washing your feet, dry the feet and apply a nourishing cream. The cream is best applied with light massage movements, foot massage also has a positive effect on the appearance of the feet and on the General condition of your body.

  6. If you suffer from calluses or abrasions on the legs, try to make a warm footbath with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate and salt. Good help warm baths with the infusion of celandine or oak bark. If you do these trays regularly, the inflammation in the tissues around the blisters is markedly reduced and the pain will disappear.