Fresh green grass, sparkling in the morning sun, itself is a soothing sight. What to say about walking on it barefoot? This is a very useful exercise. In the mid 19th century, the German priest Sebastian Kneipp began to practice morning walk barefoot in the dew and claimed cured tuberculosis with the help of this kind of hydrotherapy. Oriental medicine praises the healing properties of morning dew. It saturates the body with energy, enhances immunity, supports kidneys, treats nervous disorders, helps to overcome stress. From the energy point of view, this is because the first or root chakra of the person interacts with the energy of the Earth through the soil and grass. There is also more scientific evidence of the effect of walking barefoot on the morning dew on health.

According to popular legends, bathing in the morning dew helps to preserve youthfulness.

The benefits of walking on dew bare feet

Morning dew cools the feet and helps to balance the heat transfer. This is especially important in hot summer.

The walk itself is a great exercise that improves the blood circulation in the cardiovascular system. And the coolness of the early morning tones up the body.

Say that this exercise improves vision. Green soothes the eyes and nerves located in the eyeball, are connected with the rear part of the foot. Walking barefoot on the morning dew helps to restore nerves and improve vision.

This is the most pleasant and effective cure for the stresses that overwhelmed our lives. Strong nerves are key to good immunity. They say that people who practice such hydrotherapy, do not suffer from colds. It was a kind of hardening of the body.

Rosa is a pure distilled water without any impurities.

What you need to know about walking barefoot

Never in a hurry. The breathing should be steady and measured. Think of it as a home Spa treatment that gives youth and health to your body. Leave the house at dawn. On your feet wear open shoes type clogs or shale. Find a clean place where there are no rocks, chips or gravel. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the dew, even if it's cold. Quite a few minutes. In fact, you can stand in the place of simply moving the legs. Not wiping his feet with dew, put on your shoes and walk for some time. Don't rush home. Enjoy the awakening of nature, if the weather allows. The average duration of the walks should be about 10-15 minutes.