The advantage of using gel cushions for shoes

Transparent gel pads for shoes help to protect the foot from corns, because of which it is simply impossible to wear new shoes for a long time. This ultra-thin subject, is much more effective than band-aid, besides it is not glued on the legs and on the inner part of the Shoe, making it invisible to prying eyes.
Gel pads for shoes which is often called silicon, is made from a polyurethane gel.

Such soft pads securely fix the foot in the Shoe, which is especially necessary when wearing open sandals with high heels. Thanks to this, the foot stops to slide, the step becomes more beautiful and confident, and your shoes are much safer for its owner.

Gel pads under the heel or under the toe provide cushioning effect during walking, reducing pain in the feet even after long walks. They are essential for women who spend most of their time on their feet or wear shoes with high heels with a thin sole. Especially the subject it helps if you shoes heels have to go on rocky terrain. For closed shoes you can also use gel insoles.

In addition, this item helps to adjust the shape of the pads, as not always get to pick out the perfect Shoe. In this case, the gel pads can be pasted in the place of lifting of the sole so that the foot does not come loose.
In some variations of the shape of the foot to use gel pads is not recommended, so it is best to consult with an orthopedist.

How to apply gel pads for shoes

Gel pads for shoes is quite simple to use. With their adhesive side, you need to remove the thin protective film, then apply the pads are the same side to the inside of the Shoe and press firmly. After that, the pads securely on the inside to provide maximum comfort during wearing.

Of course, the pads I should stick to the places in the Shoe that RUB. Pads to protect the heel under the heel, and to secure the foot – the toe. Pads for adjustment of pads are best to stick in place of lifting shoes, closer to the inner part of the foot.

High quality gel pads for shoes doesn't lag even after a long walk in the hottest weather, but when necessary, they are easy to peel. In addition, they can be periodically washed in warm soapy water without using any detergents. To dry these pads have the natural way, better away from direct sunlight.