Revise your shoes

You first need to deal with shoes. Preference is still for natural materials, do not wear in hot weather too closed models. Compounding the situation is the wearing of tight shoes made of artificial materials.

Often people do not pay enough attention to the insoles in the shoes, whereas they should be changed about once a month. There are special insoles that can absorb odors. If insoles get, they must be regularly washed.

Under closed-toe shoes need to wear socks made of pure cotton. Socks should be changed daily, even if the problem of excessive sweating of the feet you do not suffer. More useful to walk barefoot.

Other causes of sweating can be stress, physical stress, skin diseases.

Careful foot care can help to get rid of smell

Effective means against bad smell are flavours for shoes. It is better to prefer natural flavorings, such as juniper or cedar shavings. In a pinch even plain paper, placed inside the Shoe.

For feet requires careful daily care. It is possible, it is in the absence of proper hygiene. Often wash your feet with soap and water, and periodically clean the surface of dead cells.

One of the main conditions that must be met is the feet dry. For this you can use a variety of powders, including those made from natural raw materials. It can be oak bark, talc, potato starch, salt.

Sweating will help foot baths, especially the contrast. The fundamentals are the decoctions of oak bark, oat straw, walnut leaves, birch bark. You can also use a simple solution of manganese and well-infused with black tea.

Deodorizing effect has the following bath for the feet. Dilute in warm water a Cup of vinegar and add the thyme oil. This oil is good kills smelly bacteria.

Not last role in struggle against an unpleasant smell plays a good circulation. To improve it by using massage or special exercises.

The more time and attention is paid to the skin of the feet, the better the result will be. Even if regular maintenance does not help to improve the situation, it makes sense to find out why the doctor. Without addressing the disease fighting cosmetic methods will not bring proper results.