Causes the unpleasant odor

The main cause unpleasant odor from the feet is excessive sweating. The feet have thousands of sweat glands, which daily produce up to two hundred milliliters of sweat. But if you are constantly on their feet, lead an active lifestyle or do sports, the feet perspire even more. In fact sweat has no smell as it is composed of salt and water. The source of the odor are bacteria breeding. Closed shoes, synthetic socks – all this is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Unpleasant odor from the feet caused by the following factors:
socks made of synthetic materials;
- unnatural or closed shoes, which badly passes air;
- arousal, fears and stress;
- diseases of the nervous system;
- active lifestyle;
- the inability to frequent changes of socks or taking a shower.

Tips for dealing with an unpleasant foot odor

If your feet smell unpleasant, daily change tights or socks, and wear them no longer than one day. Wear socks exclusively from natural fabrics with a minimal amount of synthetics. Do not wear one pair of shoes for more than three years, stock up on every season at least two pairs, and alternate them. Regularly change and clean the insoles.
Regularly shoes outside, wash with alcohol or a special tool, dry, use deodorants.

Wash your feet at least twice a day with warm water with antibacterial soap that kills bacteria. Massage into feet special cream for the normalization of sweating (you can buy in the pharmacy). Use the pasta Teymurova, it will help you to forget about the unpleasant smell of feet in just a few applications.

Use talcum powder, boric acid powder or foot powder, these funds help to absorb odors. At night, lubricate the legs lavender essential oil, wear cotton socks and go to sleep. This oil prevents the growth of bacteria.
Ask for help to the doctor or beauty clinic, where there are many effective procedures that will help you to get rid of excessive sweating feet.

Every day do foot baths with salt. To do this, pour into a bowl a couple of liters of warm water, then dissolve it in a glass of English bitter salt. Lower your legs and keep for twenty minutes. Epsom salt tightens the skin, reduces sweating and kills bacteria. To carry out this procedure on a daily basis.