Silky skin consists of several factors. It is, first and foremost, the lack of hair and cellulite, and healthy veins.

Beauty treatments

Even at home very simply make the skin beautiful. For hair removal you can use cold wax in the form of strips, caramel mixture shugaring, electric or mechanical epilator, depilatory cream. In the end, you can resort to shaving safe machine. To drive the procedure you need regularly.

In addition, the silky skin of the feet requires the use of different scrubs. At home you can use regular sugar or honey to prepare a mixture of salt, vegetable and essential oils. Cheap, useful, and effective.

Also the beauty leg effect water treatment. Daily recommended to take a contrast shower, and a couple of times a week to do warm baths with essential oils.

Down with the "orange peel"!

To make the skin beautiful, you want to prevent cellulite. In the fight against the notorious "orange peel" effectively help lotions with theophylline or caffeine.

Also eliminate cellulite by using cupping and honey massage, exercise and a balanced diet. Also, you should drink plenty of fluids as dehydrated skin "orange peel" effect is visible more clearly.

To disguise cellulite will help tan. Fortunately, today all the year round you can go to the tanning beds or use tanning.

In advanced cases, cellulitis can be treated with high-energy pulsed sound waves CelluPulse.

To prevent varicose veins

Even slender muscular legs look unattractive, if they show through thick blue veins and spider veins. To solve this problem is much more difficult than prevent.

To prevent varicose veins is to have an active lifestyle and to reduce the consumption of cholesterol foods.

Disguise unsightly defect by using a special tinting spray. But to get rid of varicose veins is possible only through the operation that bears the name of venectomy.

Remember the footsteps

Beauty leg also implies a smooth and healthy heels. Enough to make regular pedicure, it is necessary daily to carry out beauty treatments.

In the care of the soles included warm baths with herbs and sea salt, massage with softening oil, wearing a special exfoliating socks.