To start, pick a home for your future pet. As a rule, newts kept in glass aquariums or terrariums. The size of the aquarium should be chosen in accordance with the number of tritons that you intend to settle there, and given the length of the adult newts. Based on the fact that newts reach an average 15-20 inches in length, 1-2 individuals would be enough for the aquarium 30-40 liters.
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Aquarium or terrarium for Triton must be equipped with a cover with a lamp and a pump to filter water. If you are going to exclusively contain newts, thermostat you do not need to, because these amphibians tolerate the cold (10-15 degrees). Then fill the tank with water, but only half. Plant plants and decorate for Triton "beach", which he will be able to get out of the water as needed. The optimal amount of water per newt is considered to be 10-15 litres.
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Feeding newts is also a fairly simple process. Young individuals are recommended to feed 1 time a day, adults every other day. In addition, not be amiss to make an adult newtm "fasting" days: 3-5 days without feeding 1 time per month. As a forage it is recommended to use as live food (larvae, tadpoles, earthworms, bloodworms, etc.) and purchased at a pet store special food for newts.
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Particularly noteworthy are the newts that are contained in one aquarium with fish. Their owners should pay attention to the following points.
First, newt still need to organize the possibility of entering the "shore."
Secondly, if the fish are much larger than the Triton, they can inflict mechanical damage, and this process needs to be controlled.
And, finally, to settle the Triton should fish in quite cool water, as amphibians do not like overheating.As you can see, quite a bit of effort and in your home settle funny exotic animal.