1. To scan a document, you need to use any graphical editor (usually every computer has at least one graphic editor – each user chooses the most convenient.

  2. It is recommended to use the resolution of the scanner is 150 DPI (150 dots per 1 inch). The image color is usually set at around 8 bits. View window settings may differ (depending on the type of scanner), but the essence remains the same themselves.

  3. If you need to scan not the whole document completely but only some part of it, in advance, specify it in the settings of the image. To save the scanned images should be in JPEG format (quality is low or average). The size of the scanned document is usually from 40 to 300 KB.

  4. The capabilities of modern scanners allow you to scan a document as one-and two-sided printing, without interrupting the course of the operation. At the same time in one operation, you can scan multi-page documents (save document as a whole or separate pages – in this case, each scanned page as a separate file), or single-page documents in any quantity.

  5. You can scan both black-and-white and color documents (the scanned image quality will remain quite high). You can even scan pictures – this should set the settings corresponding to the largest image resolution. Most modern scanners can easily detect any documents (even with the smallest text size).

  6. If you plan to send the scanned documents via e-mail, pay attention to the total amount of the letter (attached file with a scanned document can "weigh" a lot).