You will need
  • - Access to the Internet.
Remove the scanner from the box and install this equipment in the right place. Modern auxiliary equipment is connected to computers via USB. To connect the scanner with PC you must have USB cable – USB-B. Follow the connection device to the mobile computer.
Turn on the laptop and scanner. Wait for the operating system and automatically identify the new hardware. If Windows is unable to find appropriate drivers for this scanner, do the installation yourself.
It is better to use the disc supplied with the scanner. Insert the DVD in the DVD drive and wait for the menu startup. Install the proposed programme.
If you do not have the correct disk, then try to automatically update the software via the Internet. Click "device Manager" and find the equipment allocated with an exclamation mark. Click with the right mouse button on the name of the connected scanner and select "Update driver software".
Specify the option "install the software Automatically" and wait until the search for suitable files. If this method was not efficient, visit the website of the company producing these scanners. Locate the downloads section and download the software recommended by the company. Install the program and restart the computer.
Open control panel and select "Devices and printers". Wait until complete the list of connected peripheral devices. Click the right mouse button on the icon of your scanner and select the option "Use this device automatically". Check the connected equipment for serviceability. Configure the settings of output images using the set utility.