With a normal flatbed scanner, the scanning procedure consists of several stages. Turning on and warming up the scanner, you put him in the first document put options – the color (or lack of), resolution. Next is the preview operation in which the document is scanned with low resolution.
After completing the preview, you set the future borders of a scan by dragging them with the mouse. Run the main scan, get a scan. Put in the scanner the second document, and it all starts again...
Is there a way to speed up this process? Yes, if you have to scan documents of the same format. In this case, once by setting boundaries and by scanning a document, you simply invest in the scanner document and press the scan button, skipping the procedure of preliminary viewing. As the documents have the same format, their boundaries are the same, and you get very high quality scan. Excluding from the scan preview, you can save a lot of time.
The scan rate effect and settings. For the vast majority of documents and books enough resolution to 300 or even 200 dpi. The smaller the resolution that you use, the faster the scanning. Do not use color scanning where it is not needed. If you scan only the text will fit the black-and-white scanning mode for maximum contrast. When scanning a document with a background pattern, for example a passport, select shades of gray.
The actual scanning is done in one stroke of the scanning head. Its reverse is blank, it just returns to its original position. So, her return should also be used. On the return stroke the head of the scanner control scanned documents, this will allow you approximately one-third reduction in total time.