You will need
  • computer;
  • scanner;
  • - Adobe Photoshop or another image editor;
  • - Abbyy FineReader.
Install the software. To scan images suitable for many programs, including free. The principle of operation is the same for all, therefore, to develop the process for example Adobe Photoshop. For text files there is Abbyy FineReader. This is a paid program, but there are enterprise versions that cost much less. If you are going to work a lot with texts, without this software you cannot do.
Before connecting the scanner, make sure it has drivers. If the device is new, then included and a CD with drivers. When there is no disc go to the manufacturers website where there should be drivers for all models released by the firm.
Connect the scanner. This can be done in two ways. Most often used installing a local scanner when the device is connected directly to your computer. This requires only a USB cable. Usually it is included. Will fit any other cable with the appropriate connectors. Insert one connector into the corresponding socket located on the rear panel of the device. A second connector connected to the USB port of the computer. Don't forget that the system needs to define the new device.
Sometimes it is necessary to install a network scanner. Exactly the same as in the first case, connect the scanner to your computer using a USB cable. Then through the "start" button go to "control Panel", and in it find option "Network". Through the "network and sharing Center" come in "View network computers and devices". Locate in the list of devices your scanner and click "Install". You will see the setup wizard. Follow the wizard's prompts. The last button that you must click "Done". After that the scanner can work.
Open the program. In the main menu, locate the File tab. In different programs the process is initiated by the functions with different names. It could just be "Scan", "Get image from scanner", etc. In some older versions of Adobe Photoshop this function is called through the line "Import image". Sometimes you need to select the type of scanner. In any case, before you should see the scan window.
Set the options you want. The interface may be different, but in any case there are Windows that need to be put in the form of an image (color or black and white) and resolution. The program may suggest you to put also the style. The parameters depend on the purpose of scanning and the quality of the image.
Sometimes it makes no sense to scan the entire document. In this case, very useful the option "Preview". Corresponding button is located under the scan window. Clicking on it, you will learn how your document will look like after scanning. Select the desired area or the entire document. Click "Scan" and then begin the process.