The most popular banks operating in Russia are Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank. Many people trust their assets to Gazprombank in connection with its good reputation and stability, which is based on energy prices. Credit card Gazprombank easy to use. You can get it at any Bank branch.

To check the balance on the card Gazprombank, enable remote account management. On the reverse side of the card Gazprombank has a phone service. Call back and ask what actions you need to take to activate it.
Usually informed about the status of a Bank account using a mobile phone. Simply send an SMS to a specific number. After a while you will get a reply SMS-message with information about the balance of funds that remained on your account. Gazprombank also provides the service “Home Bank”, activate that, you can not only monitor the status of your accounts, but take any legal Russian legislation banking operations.
If for any reason you failed to know the status of your account, bring a credit card and go to the nearest Bank. The friendly staff will inform you about the status of your account and promotions and bonuses of the Bank, using which you may be able to a few hundredths of a percent to increase your interest rate.
During the whole time of cooperation with the Bank try to constantly watch his reputation and actions in the interbank market, so that in the event of an impending financial crisis in a timely manner to withdraw their funds, thereby retaining them. The management of financial assets of Gazprombank (card balance) are highly skilled professionals, who have behind shoulders not one year of experience in the banking sector. So for the safety of their savings don't worry.