You will need
  • Guinea pig
Remember that the name you give to your Guinea pig, it is necessary to choose once and to change it at all desirable. If the name is chosen correctly, then your pet will be distracted by it, even though that's not a cat or a dog, wherein great abilities than rodents.
Морская свинка: как она выглядит
When you select a name based on that it should not be long. For Guinea pigs the optimum name length is four to five letters. You can choose a long name, but pronounce it completely, hoping that your pet will be distracted by it, virtually meaningless. Think of a short version and the pig, eat it, and when dealing with people who can provide pet beautiful, long and sonorous name.
как выбрать морскую свинку
Scientists long ago discovered the following pattern: rodents, including Guinea pigs, much better perceive ultrasounds compared to man. And, therefore, harder for them to respond. In order for the pig reacted to my name, need to fit in as many of those ultrasounds. So, it turns out that it is best to choose names with hissing and whistling sounds, as they are pretty effectively recognized Guinea pigs. The most active rodents perceive the sounds "s" and "sh" , and therefore in the name desirable. So for girls fit the names: Susa, Dora, Shura, etc.
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What is the pig name appropriate to its appearance or character. If the pig is not very active and quite sleepy, the name must be without sharp sounds: to begin with a consonant and no "growling". If the pig is active and spirited, on the contrary, you can think about the presence of a large number of vowels and the letter "R".
чему можно научить морскую свинку
Follow the behavior of the pigs, call it different names until, until you notice that her ears and antennae stiffened. I'll let her choose the name by which she will live.
морские свинки как отличить пол взрослой особи