You will need
  • imagination, sense of humor
Hamster, especially if it's a girl, it's important to him, that is, it fed a hearty, densely, regularly, the house was clean and warm rug. Therefore, if you do this, the hamster will be happy to respond to any name, even "gibberish". Therefore, the name rather, you must choose what you prefer, the hamster's consent to ask.
Great name "Plush". Just seems plump, chubby animal, looking with shining eyes beady from under Teddy's bangs. If you live sebastasti – feel free to call her Plushes.
For originals you can suggest the name of "Murka". Called hamster standard name of his worst enemy – it is necessary to have a special sense of humor. Although, on the other hand, what is bad for a hamster's name "Murka"? Key words in this question "hamster". Correctly, just for the hamster's nothing bad. Because – simply call.
как назвать хомячка мальчика
Gentle teenager (in the sense that the hostess homyachihi) might like the name "bead". How is it good: is suitable for hamsters as a small animal, has a funny diminutive derivatives – Busia, Busko, Busek. Hamster the Busko – sounds like the name of a children's book, a little funny and affectionate.
The name "Maya", by analogy with bee, the heroine of the famous cartoon series, suitable for hamster workaholic who runs in his wheel, not sparing the energy.
"Georgette," if your little girl loves to eat and absolutely not shy of a third chin.
"Sonyushka," if you love best for your pet to burrow into the bedding a little deeper and see there dreams about a trip to cheese country.
The name "Monkey" will do little crafty, which do not feed honey (do not feed you and, in the case of the hamster this is clearly unnecessary), I secretly open the cage door, to run and blend in with the skirting.

In General, the idea is this: observe your pet for a day or two, identify the features of her character, and pick a name that is suitable pet, like anyone else.
отличия хомячков