About the breed

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Drugarice – absolutely small hamsters. For example, the Syrian hamster, they are smaller in size almost two times. In nature the growth of the Djungarian hamster can reach about 15 inches, but in captivity they rarely reach this size. The most common length of adult specimens does not exceed 10 centimeters. The maximum weight of this rodent – up to 45 grams.

The fur of Djungarian usually grayish with white patches, on the back there is the wide dark band (often dark gray). Standard color – brownish-gray with a white belly, there are also gray-blue, matte-white and ginger-cream Jungaria. In the winter after moulting hamsters become almost completely white.

The tail of animal is very short, the soles of the feet covered with hair, like other members of the genus upland hamsters.
In nature Djungarian hamsters are found in Siberia, Kazakhstan, Manchuria, and Mongolia.

The content of the Djungarian hamster

как мыть джунгарского хомяка

The main treatments for Djungarian hamster include feeding, cleaning cages and cleaning the fur. However, if you look for the most low-maintenance rodent, it most likely will not gungari. Compared to, for example, with his Syrian counterpart, he is much more demanding to care.

Animals need proper nutrition. You can feed it grain, fruit mixes, seeds of peas, sunflower, pumpkin, beans. Note that the representatives of this breed are prone to diabetes, so that overfeed their fruit is not necessary.
But water Jungaria need quite a bit: as a steppe animal, he drinks rarely. However, drinking with a small supply of water in his cage should be present.

Also it is very desirable to place in a cage chalk stone to grind down the teeth.

To clean the cage about every two weeks. If you do it less often, characteristic odor can not be avoided.
The fur of the hamster clean sand. Bathe your rodent can not in any case! It may have a negative impact on his health.

In the cage must be a wheel for running. This will help the hamster to keep fit. Drugarice generally very mobile, so they need a cage big enough. It is not recommended to include one cell more than one Jungaria. These rodents are big owners in the territory. If you keep them together they will fight and attack each other.

Together Djungarian hamsters Lodge only temporarily for breeding. By the way, propagated this view very well. In the litter there are up to 11 kids.

At home Djungarian hamster live for 1-2 years. With proper care, its lifespan may be somewhat higher. So that is how you will live your pet depends on you.