A lot of funny names you can come up with for Bunny boy. Often, long ears, these animals are called Ushastik or Donohue.
The white rabbit boy suit names the Snow or Kefir. The black rabbit of a boy often called Blackie, or Coal miner. Grey animal – Smoke. A red – red or Apricot.
Rabbits are so cute animals that you can give them nicknames: Asshole, babe, Beads, Big, Bow, masik, snow leopard, Ottoman, Stepashka, fast, Shurshunchik.
Such funny names, like a Donut, pound, Dollar, Cupcake, Cube, Donut, Smiley, Klepa, Cupcake, Tail, Cartoon, is also very suitable for the charming rabbit boy.
Fans to name Pets human names will surely enjoy the following nicknames for Bunny boy: Yasha, Kesha, Zhorik, Senya, roly, Bob, gosh, Lenka, Kuzma, Theme, Nathan, three, rusya, Felix, pam, Tisha, Bear.
The high tech and real computer geniuses, you can name your rabbit by a Hacker, Space, Cursor or Shift. Rabbits the boys in the family doctor can be named a Syringe, a Bandage or Tweezers. The bryuliky can nickname your pet a jeweler and Cake – Baker.
Caesar, Duke, Earl, Shakespeare, Knight, Prince original names for luxury pet rabbits.
In General, the nickname of a pet depends entirely on the imagination of its owner. And better developed than the last, the name of the animal more interesting.