You will need
  • Fingers
  • Mouth
  • The desire to learn to whistle
To learn how to whistle with two fingers, keep your thumb and index finger of any hand at a distance of 3 mm from each other. In this position, put your fingers in your mouth so that the lips were closed over the fingers. Keep a distance between them that the flow of air to move freely. The whistle will, if the fingers will be in front of the row of lower teeth, and on the other hand there is the language.
Firmly pinch the lips, take a deep breath and exhale the air in the box together with your fingers. Use language to direct the flow of air. Blow again and again, experiment with the direction of air until, until you hear the whistle.
Now that you've found the right position of the lips, tongue and fingers, where you get a whistle, blow hard, and you'll hear whistling with two fingers in full force!