You will need
  • -thin durable paper;
  • -plastic whistle;
  • -transparent tape.
Take the paper, which should be very thin and, moreover, strong enough. To create this very simple whistle is suitable, for example, a piece of paper from under candy, packaging of other products. Please note that to stretch the material should not.
The edges of the paper tightly squeeze both hands between the index and big fingers. Pull a candy wrapper or a piece of paper very much. Hold it to your mouth and blow. If the whistle did not immediately work, then try several times to change the position of the lips and experiment with the tension of the paper. In the end, you will definitely find a suitable option. If the sound is not too loud, then thoroughly wet the lips with water and try to blow again. This is the easiest way paper whistle.
Also paper you can build a holiday version of such a "tool". To do this, take a plastic whistle with a wide opening on the side opposite the one in which whistle. * Check that there is air in it the middle – it is important that the air flow could easily unroll the paper, which you attach to the base. Pick up the appropriate sheet – it should be thick and fairly thin paper that can withstand a constant process of expanding and collapsing. For example, suitable material, identical to the one used to make candy wrappers for candy. It is desirable that it was quite bright and colourful, after all you are doing is whistle for use at festival or party.
Of paper make a tube with a diameter similar to the diameter size of the whistle, and a length of about 15 centimeters. Glue it and wait until it thoroughly dries. Put the tube on a plastic base and attach it with transparent tape. Take the "snail" until the whistle. With the whistle this snorkel will unfold.