Go to any music store and look at sold there are models of drum sticks. Pay attention to the labeling. The numerical value says about the thickness of sticksand alpha about her appointment. If you are a novice drummer, ask the seller a stick marked 2V and note its diameter and weight. Models with this label is designed to play in the brass band and symphonic orchestras. They are very comfortable and popular among aspiring drummers, developing technique and performance.
Purchase the construction market of the wooden block. In principle, suitable American walnut, maple or oak, but it is better to buy a piece of maple. This wood is light and sticks out her perfect for a quick and quiet game. When you become a superstar or a professional maker of drum sticks, take sticks from exotic woods such as Bubinga or rosewood.
Remember the 2B model, which you saw in a music store and cut sticks about the same length and thickness. To do this, the bottom part sticks thickened - it will be a counterweight to the end of the wand head. The opposite end of thin sticksthat strike the drum, is called "shoulder". The length and shape of this area affect the sound. Cut the stick so that it gradually purified to the head. Then the sound of her would be more subtle.
The head sticks make pointed (Pointed or triangle-tipped). This is the most popular option, which guarantees srednestogovaya sound.
Treat carved sticks sanded to remove rough edges and protect hands from possible splinters.
If you want more confident and stronger to hold the sticks, buy a special anti-slip tapes and tape them to the base of the sticks.