You will need
  • consultation with an experienced musician;
  • - drumsticks (pencils, pens, etc.).
Consult with expert percussion instruments, even if you do not set goals to become a drummer. For a virtuoso with chopsticks it is important to know some of the mechanisms of the professional game. Learn the basic grips drum sticks, "make friends" with this unique tool. The main condition for performance of tricks on the rotation will be the ability to avoid unnecessary muscle tension.
Do the exercise for relaxation. Freely svecite right hand. Begin to slowly lift the forearm, tapping it on the bicep. The shoulder should remain relaxed, brush - drooping lashes.
Chat with a brush, let her free to rise and fall under the influence of gravity. Repeat these steps until they become completely natural. It is such a relaxed movement of the wrist is just as important when playing drums in General, and to rotate the sticks in particular.
Find the point of balance of the stick. Bend your arm at the elbow and place the stick between the fingers and thumb. The middle finger is pulled along the tool, the index finger falls on him – formed castle, which will become the fulcrum for subsequent free rotation of drum sticks.
Hold the stick without straining your muscles. Tap it on the drum – the instrument should be easy to bounce off a plastic surface. Enough to keep it light touch so he wouldn't slip out of hands. The place of capture sticks, which will see the loose rebound, and have found the balance point. Usually it is at a distance of 8-12 cm from the thickened end of the tool.
If you do not have at hand the drum, try to find the balance drum sticks otherwise. Balansiruya tool and determine the balance point, then back off from it a couple of inches lower thick part. This is where you need to grab the stick.
Try doing the scroll drum sticks like the propeller of a management first hand, then in both hands. When will you bring the rotation of the stick in one hand to automaticity, can perform the same action with the other limb, but in the mirror image. The work will involve the toes from big to the index; the main clips are made with three fingers – thumb, index and middle (see step 4).
Pull all the fingers forward and put a stick horizontally between the forefingers and ring fingers under the middle. Top, refined, end of the tool should be facing to the right side from the body. Remember relaxation exercises; balansiruya stick. Take this initial position to the tool to lay perfectly straight.
Press your middle finger on the stick to make it pointy end deviated to an angle of 45 degrees relative to the torso. Easy, not pushing, hold drum sticks the middle finger on top and index – bottom. Pinky reject. Expand the stick vertically, down a refined end.
Now the tool must again be deflected 45 degrees to the body. This is achieved by a push of the thumb; the drumstick moves in a clockwise direction and turns – looks sophisticated end up.
Hold the stick between your index and middle fingers; scroll its upper part in the direction of your right shoulder. The tool should take a horizontal position, as in 8. Now, however, the bottom is the upper phalanx of the index finger on top of the large, and the left side – middle phalanx of the middle.
Working with a brush, rotate the stick and set it upright. If you did everything correctly, the sophisticated end of the tool would look down. Now you have to scroll to the "propeller" in the opposite direction to the drumstick, took a starting position on the exact description in step 8.