Communion can be divided into two main stages: the spiritual and the physical. The preparation and the act of communion. But, in order not to confuse the reader with complicated structures, we present a consistent explanation of what and why should be done. So, to the sacrament brought beneficial fruit in a person's life, should:

  1. The week before communion to prepare spiritually, performing prayers, visiting the temple is possible. And on the day before communion and the day of the sacrament should be at the service from the beginning to the end.

  2. Not less than three days before the communion should stick to the post. Fasting is to abstain from food of animal origin and to avoid entertainment, parties, useless and empty conversations, sinful habits (Smoking and drinking).

  3. On the day of communion need to come to Church in advance, in order to configure your "inner man" with a wave of purification.

  4. Before communion in the Church, every believer, over the age of 7, must confess, what the opportunity before the divine Liturgy.

  5. Communion happens at the end of the Liturgy, when the faithful take turns approaching the exalted place in front of the iconostasis is the ambo, where the priest holding a Bowl.

  6. When approaching the place of communion need to lay down their arms in the form of a cross, to give his name, and after communion to kiss the bottom of the Bowl. After the believer departs to where the Ministers give a "we washed it down with".

  7. To leave the Church after communion is possible only if a believer kissed the cross at the end of the divine Liturgy. And came out of the temple, you need to be careful and attentive to save those wonderful gifts which a Christian receives during the sacrament.

Communion day is better to devote to prayer and meditating on God, reading the Holy Word and rule for Holy Communion, doing good and merciful deeds.