Tell your child about the sacrament of communion. Full and complete information about him can be gleaned from Church literature. The baby can also say that he will go to visit God, where he will be treated to something sweet and that he will be healthy, smart and obedient. Ideally, the child should be familiar with the sacrament of Holy communion from the very young age, and it should not cause such reactions as "do not want" and "won't". If the baby to receive communion from infancy, he knows that a few days before the sacrament in the family atmosphere of balance, calm, and adult and children over seven years of fasting.
Prepare your child for the sacrament. To seven-year age of the baby receive communion without confession. Fasting in this case is not required. After 7 years the child already needs to the best of their ability and health to observe a three day fast. The degree of its severity can define yourself, because no one but you knows the child so well.
On the eve of the communion to talk with your child about confession. It is believed that the seven-year-olds are already able to determine good and evil, good and bad. Let the child will remember those things, which you need to repent. In the first place, those acts for which he was ashamed, hurt and offended. Then discuss with him all the times when you have quarrels and misunderstandings. Let him analyse what is the cause of the conflict. If he has anything to repent, then repentance must be sincere and from the heart.
In the evening read for a child rule to communion. It can be found in almost all prayer books. A rule consists of three canons and the continuation of communion. If the child is hard to perceive at once all the necessary prayers, read Canon only from the successor. And the rest of the prayer he heard in Church.
In the morning do not give your child water and drink. Before you go to Church, make sure that the child has not forgotten how to be baptized. After confession the priest will cover his head with his stole and reads the prayer of absolution special. After that, the child will have to cross, kiss the cross and the gospel, and then ask permission to communion.
After communion stay with the child in the temple and pray to the end of the service. The rest of the day you and your child to spend quietly, avoiding conversations, TV and excessive fun, as long as possible to preserve the purity of the purified from the sins of the soul.