To go to the sacrament prepared, three days before it should be discarded skoromnoy food, i.e. fasting, and after midnight do not take it and drink. Also refrain from marital relations. It is impossible to cross the threshold of the Church women during monthly cycles. Follow these simple rules, and thus you will achieve physical purification. That your soul was ready for this experience of communion, try not to take for three days prior to communion any misdeeds, not abuse, not swear and do not kiss anyone. Your intentions were pure, I sincerely forgive all my enemies and make peace with those who are fighting.The sacrament is often called "the communion of the Holy mysteries of Christ". Therefore, the communion is very important for every Christian believer. However, the frequency of performing the ritual depends on the spiritual condition of man. If you choose to go through the process of communion, contact the priest who is going to confess. He will "evaluate" the degree of your inchurched and talk about the dates and methods of preparation for communion.Church communion is done only on Sundays and public holidays. Of course, it's not secular holidays, and the days determined by the Church calendar. The sacrament is done in a morning divine Liturgy. If you truly feel the need for practice and further communion, on the eve of this event, visit the evening service, and at home read the three canons: the Canon of the canons of the most Holy Theotokos and Guardian angel. Before you go to Church, read the Canon of "the Service for Holy Communion". Of course, if you have no religious literature, you can skip this step of preparation for the sacrament. But without confession you will not be admitted to the rite of communion, because according to Orthodox traditions this great sin. Children up to seven years, which according to Church canons are considered to be at this age babies are admitted to communion without confession. You can also go the rite of communion without confession, if you were baptized not more than a week ago.The ceremony looks like this: during the service, stand the bowl with small pieces of consecrated bread and watered down wine. Over her prayers, invoking the Holy spirit of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christians put on my chest, and at a time suitable to the bowl. Calling his name given at baptism, they receive the Holy gifts, eat them, wipe the prepared towel mouth and kiss the Cup. After partaking of "flesh and blood of Christ" that the believer has the blessing of the priest, kisses his hand and moves away, giving place to others who wish to partake. At the end of the service should approach the cross and kiss it.