Think well whether you need it or you are still not quite ready to do that? Aware of this step, or you just want to pay tribute to fashion? Understand and understand why you need to confess and take communion. Listen to yourself and your heart. It must be faith.
If you really understand the seriousness of this act and the importance for itself, tuned and dare not be afraid or worry.

You are a baptized person? If not, then you first need to be baptized. If Yes, then turn to the study of literature, which can be bought in the Church. This book will give you the answers to many questions. Questions you hesitate to ask the priest, but you need to know the answer.
Get ready for a confession in advance. For the week, at least three days before the confession have to withstand the post (that is not there perilous products). These days you need to read daily prayers, do not visit places of entertainment, watch less TV, not to read literature that is not responding to Orthodox canons, not to drink, try not to smoke, to control your thoughts, think about good things.
Remember that the bad you did in life. Perhaps you have offended someone, denounced, insulted, treated without respect for their parents, friends. Ask forgiveness from these people. Maybe you made even a very bad thing. Necessarily tell about him to the priest. Repent in it, just repent sincerely. Can write on the paper all your bad acts. This will help you not to get too excited and not hold the line in the temple. Speaking about their sins, you will feel an extraordinary lightness.
Take on the confession of the Church a candle and give it to the priest. That day when you will confess is necessary to defend the service. If the priest will admit you to the communion, after 24 hours in this day, do not eat, drink or smoke. Sunday morning go to the Liturgy and the sacrament. Also, in turn come to the priest. He will give from the bowl a piece of bread soaked in wine. Thus, according to the Orthodox canons, man approaches the Lord. There is a parallel in the fact that the bread is the body of the Lord, and the wine is his blood. Immediately after that, go to the table, where allowed to drink Holy water. Have a drink, stay in the temple, do not leave at once. After communion, you will feel like a different person.