You will need
  • Orthodox prayer book, gospel, Holy Canon
Great lent is the longest and strict fasting of the Orthodox Church. It involves not only refraining from certain types of food. Fasting is an exercise of the soul. This is an opportunity to prove their love to God.

If you live irregular Church life (casual visitors to the temple) Great lent is a time for prayer and repentance, a time for initiation to the mysteries, the key of which – the Communion. But to achieve this goal, you need to be prepared to a certain moral heroism.

In lent you can receive the Eucharist on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; little children – on Saturdays and Sundays.

First of all, you need to understand the meaning of lent and beyond bodily temptations and spiritual. Without understanding the meaning of lent, it can become harmful. In the result of an unreasonable passing the post often appear irritability, anger, impatience or vanity, conceit, pride. But the point of the post is to eradicate these sinful qualities.
Try to soften his heart to think about the soul, to make your life more whole and virtuous. Pray often (need daily to read prayers, read spiritual literature, the gospel.
Another important step to Partaking of the sacrament is the need, as often as possible to visit the Church services as on weekends and weekdays. At least during lent some reject worldly Affairs and concerns and try to become closer to God.
An obligatory condition for Communion, the necessity of Confession. Repentance will purify your soul, and Communion filled with grace.

It is necessary to confess in the evening on the eve of Communion or morning before the Liturgy. Before Confession make peace with all with whom they are at odds, ask forgiveness of everyone. On the eve of Communion, you should refrain from marital relations after midnight do not eat, drink or smoke.
If the priest accepts your repentance and will admit you to Communion, take your place at the altar and wait for the removal of the Holy Cup. Approaching the Bowl, one crosswise fold their arms (right over left).
Approaching the Bowl, clearly say your Christian name, open your mouth widely and devoutly accept the Holy Gifts. Then kiss the bottom of the Bowl, then back off to the table with warmth and follow with Communion.
During lent you should try to confess and take communion at least once, but should try to pogobat and take the Holy Mysteries of Christ three times: on the first week of Lent, on the fourth and on the Holy – on Holy Thursday.