Advice 1: How to prepare for the trip to the Church

Church attendance, especially if you rarely go there is a special event, it is prepared in advance. You must learn the rules of behavior during services, requirements for clothing and makeup, and tune in spiritually.
How to prepare for the trip to the Church

Going to the temple, you need to dress correctly. Clothing should be neat and clean, without deep cuts and transparent panels. Women should wear a long skirt (below the knee), dress with long or medium sleeves, men also should not wear shorts and t-shirt. At the entrance to the temple women have to wear a headdress (scarf, hat, hat), and men, on the contrary, to remove. Makeup should be modest, lips is better not to paint. In some of the churches failure to comply with these terms and conditions you will not be allowed.

Please check with the rules of conduct in the Church, they are common to all Orthodox churches. At the entrance you need to cross three times with his right hand, bowing at the waist of the icon. Not necessary to be baptized in gloves or mittens. Unplug for a visit to a Church of a cell phone, don't talk loud and don't push. To the altar it is impossible to turn back and enter it.

If you are planning a visit to the Church together, and explain to them that in the Church not to laugh, play pranks and run. A crying child quiet or leave the Church so as not to interrupt the prayer.

Don't forget to bring money. Each Church has a candle box, a place in which believers offer to buy candles, books, icons, crosses and other items of faith. Here you can order the prayer services, mass, baptisms, funerals, weddings, the commemoration of the health and repose – for a fee. Photography in some churches also paid. The larger and more famous temple, the more the congregation, the prices for the services above.

There is a myth that women in the critical days should not visit the temple. It is not, in these days, you can go to Church to light candles, pray and make notes, but to participate in wedding, baptism, communion should be abandoned (although it is not a strict prohibition).

Advice 2: How to prepare for the exam, per night

From session to session, students live fun - everyone knows the truth. Really fun if you lived before the session about the upcoming exam learned only the day before, you have one nightto prepare for it. Utopia or...?
Lectures, notes, tutorials, laboratory - use a maximum of sources for exam preparation
What prevaricate – even the most responsible student, there are times when an exam tomorrow, and it is still "the horse is not lying." And some students such a situation is generally the norm (which, of course, wrong, but who stops?). And then a familiar picture: a mug with a mug of coffee, reading the notes in their attempts to take on the brain of excessive wear in the form of a vast amount of information, red eyes in the morning, and the tense silence in response to the examiner's questions. Meanwhile, if you approach the matter correctly, even for one night , you can prepare for the exam. "Excellent" you, of course, will not pass, but does not fail.
First, create yourself a working environment and tune in to what you have to work hard. No noisy guests, loud music, TV, ICQ and phone. Turn off all of this, because there is always the temptation "to look mail one glazochkom", and then it turns out that the window is already morning. Now get all the lectures on the desired item and the list of tickets. You need to go strictly by the list itself will be easier.
So, read the task of the first ticket. Now I read (silently or out loud – who is better remembered as) a lecture on the topic of this ticket. Now highlight from the lecture 3 (Yes, 3) of the basic proposal. These can be definitions, rules, theorems, or anything else. But points must be three. Remember them. Speak loud. Ideally, one of these sentences needs to include the question of examination, so remember it will be even easier. Similarly proceed with the rest. You think that three items from each of the ticket – it is not enough? You can bet the basic essence of the question you got – this time. To say a few words on each of the three points can it's two. In any case does not give the teacher the impression of a man, never heard of its subject is three. And these three factors will not allow you to "unsatisfactory" during the exam.

Advice 3: How to prepare for the exam in one day

Fun and carefree lived all this time, and just found out today that next week will be exam? It's simple. It would wish, and you can prepare for one evening. However, the rating will largely depend on what the person's abilities and luck. But what it will guarantee.
How to prepare for the exam in one day
The first step is to ring up his friends, senior students and to gather as much information about the teacher. This will add confidence in the exam, you will know what to expect and be ready for tricky questions. It will be useful to know the surname, name and patronymic of the teacher, his academic degree, favorite topics in the subject, loved the questions on the exam, and the subject.
Take a list of questions to the exam and read it carefully in order to present the object holistically.
Need to find the most short and clear answer to each question mark, where and what question lies the answer.
Slowly, very carefully read the answer to each question. Where necessary, pause and reflect on the reading, set the logical relationship between different issues and also the surrounding reality. With the teacher in the exam this will allow you to communicate freely and reflect.
When the understanding of the subject has already appeared, it is possible to prepare Cribs. But dwelling on it is not worth it, just do it to be safe. In order to save time, Cribs is better to make as concise as possible and only on the most difficult questions.Consider the process of using cheat sheets on exams.
When the crib prepared, you need to re read the answers to the questions. But one should not focus on cramming. Be calm and confident in themselves and in their abilities. Also read material from other sources, it will affect the brain, roughly speaking, from different sides of the understanding.
Read the material before the exam is not worth it. In such a situation in my head will only recently read the material.
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