Going to the temple, you need to dress correctly. Clothing should be neat and clean, without deep cuts and transparent panels. Women should wear a long skirt (below the knee), dress with long or medium sleeves, men also should not wear shorts and t-shirt. At the entrance to the temple women have to wear a headdress (scarf, hat, hat), and men, on the contrary, to remove. Makeup should be modest, lips is better not to paint. In some of the churches failure to comply with these terms and conditions you will not be allowed.

Please check with the rules of conduct in the Church, they are common to all Orthodox churches. At the entrance you need to cross three times with his right hand, bowing at the waist of the icon. Not necessary to be baptized in gloves or mittens. Unplug for a visit to a Church of a cell phone, don't talk loud and don't push. To the altar it is impossible to turn back and enter it.

If you are planning a visit to the Church together, and explain to them that in the Church not to laugh, play pranks and run. A crying child quiet or leave the Church so as not to interrupt the prayer.

Don't forget to bring money. Each Church has a candle box, a place in which believers offer to buy candles, books, icons, crosses and other items of faith. Here you can order the prayer services, mass, baptisms, funerals, weddings, the commemoration of the health and repose – for a fee. Photography in some churches also paid. The larger and more famous temple, the more the congregation, the prices for the services above.

There is a myth that women in the critical days should not visit the temple. It is not, in these days, you can go to Church to light candles, pray and make notes, but to participate in wedding, baptism, communion should be abandoned (although it is not a strict prohibition).