The safest place

The safety of the aircraft, of course, can be a very relative factor, but the statistics still shows that if you crash a larger percentage of the surviving passengers took place just as the tail of the plane.

The window seat also has advantages in the sense that the hard landing risk of injury from falling on top of heavy Luggage high just from sitting on the aisle.

Place at the emergency entrance will allow you to leave the plane among the first passengers in the event of an accident, especially because in such situations there is often panic, which is more dangerous than the crash.

The place near the window

This place will suit passengers who are going to take a NAP during the flight, or Vice versa, to read, as the lighting there is much better. The disadvantage of this place is the need to disturb the neighbor if I have to get up.

An aisle seat

Pros of the place - the opportunity to stretch my legs into the aisle, quickly start when landing the aircraft to move freely through the cabin. Cons - it is certainly the place hectic in terms of movement of the conductors and scurrying people.

After the emergency exits

At such places the greater the distance to the next row. This will allow you to stretch your legs or stand up without interference, if necessary. Passengers with children and animals, as well as older people to sit at such places won't allow it.

Spaces in front of the emergency exit

It's probably the most uncomfortable seat, as the seatback is fixed and cannot recline. This is done to prevent blocking the aisle and doors at the time of the accident.

The places that are in front of the cabin

The passengers occupying these seats, the meal is complete, because the closer to the tail, the choice becomes limited. But perhaps this is the only plus of the place, as usually there are mounted bassinets and can hardly be called a quiet neighborhood with such companions.

Space in the tail

These places have a "spare" flights often remain empty, since in addition to the relative safety of any comfortable conditions was not observed.

To determine the location of seats, interior parts and a model of the liner can be freely on the website of the airline. When you check in the places that remained free after registering online. You can also ask the scheme of the cabin, which will show the free space.