Advice 1: Looks like a boarding pass

Boarding pass is a document by which a passenger aircraft may take on Board. Without the boarding pass on the plane no one is allowed. This is usually a standard rectangular piece of paper with rounded corners, but the recent widespread electronic boarding passes printed.
Looks like a boarding pass
In the General case, a boarding pass or boarding pass, looks like a rectangle of heavy paper, size is approximately 20 x 8 cm the Form is divided into two parts, the left slightly larger than right. Employees of the airport during the landing off the left part of the boarding pass and the right to leave the passenger.
On the boarding pass contains all necessary flight information: airline name, airports of departure and arrival, direction of flight, time of departure, passenger name, seat number and class of service. Also on the boarding pass there is a strip of bar-code that reads a special device – scanner for authentication blank.
Boarding passes can differ in design, as many airlines seek to put their merchandise and logos. Sometimes on the other side of the boarding pass advertisements. If the airline does not care about the special style for his stamp, then the form will be provided to the trappings of the corporate style of the airport or it will be a simple sheet of paper without any logos and decorations.
There are also e-boarding passes. When the airline is seeking to save on service of passengers to make the plane ticket as possible cheap, she sometimes refuses the issuance of a standard boarding pass. It is often found in low-cost airlines. European budget airlines are asking passengers to themselves to print out their boarding passes that they receive with the purchase of tickets via the Internet, and the Asian be able to issue a boarding pass instead of something like a receipt from the supermarket. Whatever your boarding pass, it still needs to present all the information about the flight and the passenger.
There is another type of boarding pass – e -. It need to print at the airport. The company sends e-mail the passenger a message that specifies a coupon code. Or you need to attach the code to the scanner device, or print it in advance at the front Desk.
If you are not clear how to obtain a boarding pass (these forms do sometimes quite exotic), then follow the instructions from the airline and feel free to further Refine all the exciting moments at the airport staff.
The usual procedure of obtaining the boarding pass as follows. You stand in a queue at reception on the flight (if you're lucky, you even will not), then a staff member checks data from your passport to your program, and then issues you a boarding pass on hand.
You can register in counters self check-in, they are available in many major airports. This is possible only if your passport is biometric. Standard biometrics of the Russian passport is somewhat different from the usual, so sometimes the document is not read. This is not a reason to worry, just get a ticket in a General manner at the reception.
Don't lose your boarding pass. If you got it at the airport, and not printed from the computer, recover the lost document is no longer possible.

Advice 2: How does the e-ticket

Innovation does not are not place, and thus won't need to buy a paper airlinetickets. They can also lose! It is the era of e-tickets is a reliable, compact and versatile.
The development of technologies leading to the introduction into everyday life of useful electronic devices and innovations. This applies to all spheres of life: production, trade and communication. Innovations are present in the transport sector, for example, in passenger and cargo air transport. One of the innovations is the emergence of electronic tickets on the flights. We can say this innovation came as a surprise to some customers of the airlines, and not all of them finally realized, what is e-ticket and how it looks. It is time to figure it out.

What is an electronic ticket

The ticket is in electronic form - a special form of ticket, which is different from the traditional because all the information is not stored on paper carrier and in electronic form in the General database of the reservation. This greatly simplifies the life of both airlines and passengers, as there is no need of paperwork, and the card is impossible to lose or accidentally tear. To obtain such a ticket you need a passport and email address that will receive the data acquired by the electronic ticket. The first huge benefit of this new technology is appreciated in Europe, where electronic tickets are used for several years.

How does this miracle of innovation

E-ticket can look like the dataset in the form of a letter in the mailbox on the screen, but you can print it, and then he will be in the form of the receipt. It contains basic information about the ticket, she confirms the purchase and availability of the ticket. As a rule, the receipt contains the following information:full details of the purchaser of the electronic ticket, the list of information set by international standards, the number, date and departure time of the flight, as well as codes and / or names of points of departure and arrival rate and the total fare, form of payment, the availability of fees, the date of issuance of the ticket, its unique number, the code of the booking status.

All these numerous data compactly fit on a small receipt, the loss of which can print on plain paper the same due to the presence of data in the global database. Frequent buyers of e-tickets will not be superfluous to learn basic English - all the ticket data in this language. But this is not such a serious problem at any time you can use the dictionary.

Advice 3: How to retrieve your boarding pass

The sense of anticipation of the holiday very often deprives tourists of vigilance. Being in the relegation zone, taking their time shopping at the duty-free stores or relax in any restaurant, you may find that you have lost your boarding pass.
How to retrieve your boarding pass
You will need
  • The documents confirming the trip.
Please contact the front Desk of your flight at the airport, if you find that you have accidentally lost your boarding pass before landing. You will be given a copy. If you are in the area of the gate and her time is running out, as quickly as possible, please refer to the flight attendants. They have more stationery boarding passov. After checking your passport, you duplicate it manually. Try to avoid such situations and keep track of your documents. Your neglect could delay the Seating mode and create a bad situation.
If the boarding pass you need for reporting about the perfect trip, save it to the end of your journey. Find out where you can apply for information in fact it is lost. This can be done by calling the airport or visiting the airline's website online. In this case, you will receive competent advice depending on your specific situation. Most likely, you will be asked to write a statement requesting the duplicate.
Note that the airline is not obliged to issue you a duplicate. Each airline has its own rules for issuing a boarding passov. In some cases, re-issuance of a document may be applicable.
Provide at the place of demand other documents confirming your trip. This can be a help, help-account, the invoice issued by the travel Agency. This should include data on the number of the travel document, itinerary, cost, and name of the passenger. Proof of travel may be the ticket with the receipt for its purchase or a statement from the Bank card certifying the expenditure of funds to pay for the flights.
Note that when you purchase a ticket electronically, the boarding pass is also required. It is a documentary confirmation of your trip.
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