Where to start?

To begin, decide where, for how long you need room, how much you willing to spend on accommodation. On this basis, it is necessary to select the hotel category. To make it easier, focusing on the class of the hotel – number of stars. Most hotels have websites which are updated, which is very convenient–you can arrange your booking directly there. Need to find the tab "show availability" to select the best option. To book a room at the hotel and not to be disappointed from a trip, look for as much information as possible about this hotel, read the reviews of guests.

There is the option of booking on special websites specializing in such services. Additionally, they provide technical support in emergency situations operators will help you solve them. The easiest option is a hotel booking company is a tour operator, where do you get the vouchers. It is the most convenient but most expensive method. Besides, if you go not as tourists, but independently, it makes no sense to book there reservations.

To choose the most appropriate option, it is worth spending a little time to compare prices at different hotels and various Internet resources. Once you have made your choice, you need to specify their contact information, their credit card number on the website, on the booking page. After completing the form, confirm your information in a special form.

How to pay

Different resources are offered various payment options. If you book a room directly on the hotel website, you can pay on arrival or partial payment at the time of booking. On other sites you can also find options for full or partial prepayment. Gently to choose the most appropriate option, but be sure to check, as in the case of cancellation of the trip will be to return the money, and what percentage of payment for it will have to pay.

Also pay attention to the fact that the costs of such services will need a classic Bank card, where the available options of online payment. Read this in the contract, spelled out upon receipt of the card. The basic requirements for such cards: they must be registered to have a unique number. All these records must be convex. On the reverse side of the card should be printed with an additional three digits which you will need to enter in the payment form. Of course, the card account must be the money .The card must be a debit. E-mail should receive a confirmation that the process completed successfully.

This form should be printed out and taken with you when you travel. If going abroad, ask what additional rules are used in a particular country, not to get in trouble at the border. As a rule, online to book a room in hotel is not difficult if approached responsibly to the choice of the hotel.