The easiest way to get a ticket to the ballet in your hands to buy. This can be done in different ways, and certainly many of them you have already resorted to by the cashier on the spot, in the subway and on the streets and in kiosks, order online, buy hand directly prior to the event. In this case, of course, is not to say that you "did" ticket. You paid money for that ticket you printed other people. But the important thing is that you have one, isn't it?
You can do another way. Now in rail transport is widespread such system. You buy the ticket online, and then come to the station and print the document order number and passport. This method is convenient because you will not lose treasured piece of paper, pay a toll, say, a month before departure. Your data will be stored in the database, and you will receive your ticket right before boarding the train.
Of course, you can try to forge a ticket. Sounds enticing: you don't pay a dime, and will come at the right place at the right time already with the document, and if you try not to miss. However, forgery is little that is punishable by law. It will cost expensive because you need to carry out huge preparation works, for which you will likely need a large team of associates. So it is better not to waste time and just buy a ticket. It will be easier, safer, cheaper and more honest.
There is another alternative. Why do paper ticket, if you can just pay it electronic analog or direct online registration? In this case, when boarding the vehicle you will simply need to provide proof of identity and stated in the electronic ticketE. of Course, better to be safe and to make a printout of the order, in case if the authorized person have some questions. The report will also allow you not to forget what time and where you fly, what the train ride and so on. The electronic tickets, of course, is good, but it is unlikely to suit you if you don't go anywhere, but simply going to attend a concert.