Advice 1: How to wash a thing to sit

Things wrong in size look untidy, but if desired, their size can be reduced slightly. Truth be preserved is the shape of things still, one can argue, sometimes the fabric is unevenly deformed and reduced in size. Synthetic materials are not amenable to any methods of influence and do not decrease.
How to wash a thing to sit
Wash the thing in hot water. Add the powder not necessarily, unless of course a thing is not contaminated. The former tissue can be boiled, so the effect will be much better. But colored can lose brightness.
Taking out a thing of hot water, quickly place it in ice. Can add crushed ice. If rapid change in temperature of the tissue decreases. Usually the width remains the same, but the length shortened a few inches.
Press on high speed centrifuge. If you wash in the washing machine, put 1500 rpm. The more spin, the greater the chance that you will achieve the desired result.
Hang the thing to dry on top of a radiator. Don't forget under the fabric to enclose any a towel to avoid yellow spots. After a few hours you will be able to evaluate the result. If a thing is deformed - do not worry, because it still did not fit you in size.

Advice 2 : How to make clothing village

After a long grueling diet and exercise you have finally purchased the perfect figure. It is time to reconsider your wardrobe. It is nice to buy new stylish things, but what to do with your favorite sweater and a new dress, which is now large?
How to make clothing village
Do not rush to throw them away, some things you can reduce at home. You need to know the fabric composition of the product and have a conventional home washing machine.
Cotton fabrics sit the easiest. If you have not washed your cotton sundress in the car — safely load it into the drum. Set the hot water temperature is 60 degrees, be sure to add detergent, color safe that the thing has not faded. After washing, apply the usual mode of extraction, and use of machine drying. All, the only thing left to iron and we can try on the sundress — now it will be you at the time.
A more rapid way of reducing new cotton things — ironed it with a steam iron. Carefully smooth every inch of the fabric. So she goes much faster.
Woolen things are also easy to make smaller. Wash in hot water and rinse in cool. Machine in this case better not to use it, as there may be all kinds of surprises and instead of reducing the things one or two sizes, you can get a sweater that will be small even for a child. Therefore, wash hands, and after washing spread out to dry on a soft towel.
Denim clothing is also quite sits well. Wash jeans in warm water, do not put too high temperature, otherwise you will lose the original color of things. Machine drying is also ideal to remove clothing from denim.
But silk clothes do not load in the machine, this washing will damage the delicate fibers. To fit silk top or dress size, wash it in warm water by hand. In any case do not tumble drying — dry things in the sun or in a ventilated area.
Blouse made of polyester to reduce the size wash in cold water, and for drying, use the tumble dryer. Exactly the same goes with nylon stuff.
If your favorite things are made of spandex, lycra or acrylic, to reduce a couple of sizes with washing them you will not succeed. In this case, or have to go to a professional to narrow down these things, or just to say goodbye to them, giving their mom or older sister.
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