You will need
  • -a cap;
  • -the pelvis;
  • water;
  • -washing powder;
Determine what kind of material are connected or sewn your favorite hat. Stretch not only wool, but also synthetic clothing, and hats knit with the addition of a certain percentage of wool. View immediately after purchase things at the label there must be, given the composition, as well as icons indicating the features of the wash. Drawing attention to this information, you will prevent the stretching of the cap.
If your hat is made of wool or any other natural material, try soak it in very hot water. Pour water into the basin, put back the product and leave for 10-15 minutes. Washing powder in a basin do not add. If you have special detergent for wool items, you can top up some of the liquid.
After soaking a little wash the hat by hand. Do this very gently, do not RUB or wring the wool thing. Prostirav the product, change the water in the basin. Now pour a very cold water. The cap must lay in the cold for another 20 minutes. In hot water the wool quickly to sit in the cold is the process of "fixing". But it is important to remember that in the washing machine things made of wool with the aim of reducing their size can not be placed categorically. After such washing, they can sit unevenly, moreover, significantly deteriorate the quality of the wool.
Remove the cap from the basin, wait until the water is slightly flow. Please note that the product of wool can neither pressing, nor, especially, to twist. When the cap became a little easier, spread on a smooth surface of the towel after placing down the oilcloth. Straighten your thing, give it the right shape. Leave the cap on the towel until, until it dries completely. If necessary, the cap can be flipped after a while.