You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
To buying and selling real estate was the most profitable for you, calculate the cost of housing, using one of the special Internet services (, or On these resources, the calculation process is automatic and is based on such criteria as total area, number of storeys, condition, house type.
But note that this is only an approximate result. Each property is different, so the calculations to the result a certain amount will be added, or, conversely, to be taken away.
If you sell the house, your goal is to increase its value. To add to this obtained in the course of calculations the amount of high-quality repair, metal Windows, new communications, etc. Taking into account the above data, perform a recalculation. Increase the cost of housing for an amount approximately equal to the cost of the work performed.
To calculate the cost of a relatively new apartment without a good renovation, double-glazed Windows and other elements of comfort, find out how much stroyvariant in the same area. Add to this amount the cost of Wallpaper, linoleum, tiles, baths, interior doors, furniture (if you are going to leave the new tenants). This calculation method use only for apartments in new homes.
Also, to calculate the value of the property refer to similar offers from other sellers. But do not rush to reduce or increase the cost because you are not familiar with the specifics of each particular ad. Perhaps someone in a hurry to sell the old apartment to pay for new, so selling it cheaper. And someone, on the contrary, he put a very high price, because he wants more money, and the time frame it does not restrict.