Find out whether in your case the inventory valuation. It is used in such transactions as privatization, exchange, sale, donation.
Find the address of the Bureau of technical inventory at your residence. This can be done through the official website of the organization. On the main page you will see links to the offices of BTI, classified by cities and regions.
Contact the district BTI during working hours with your passport and the documents confirming the right of ownership or right of use of housing, for example, with the agreement of social hiring. Write a statement about what you want to receive a document indicating inventory ownership apartments. Pay for the services of BTI. This can be done through the Bank or directly in cash Desk of the organization. Find out when will be ready the required document.
On the day specified by the employee of BTI, please contact this organization for ready reference of the inventory value of the property. You will be able to provide it when requested.
If you do not have time for walking instances, you can pay a third party to ensure that its employees represent your interests in the BTI and received all the necessary documents. This way you will be able to save time standing in queues, but is unlikely to be able to get help faster. Contacting such firms is only useful for very busy people.