Decide on the level of work: cosmetic or major repairs, change of finishing or remodeling. Also included is a desired quality, time, place, repair – high demand, high price.
Make a design project. Designer taking into account your wishes, will develop a scheme for future apartments: plan of arrangement of furniture, placement of electrical and plumbing, ceiling, walls and floor with the flooring. The design project will help to calculate the cost of materials and work. The experienced designer will help to avoid mistakes in the preparation of estimates and in the process of repair. However, you can make a design project independently.
Decide the performers of repairs in your apartment. From who will be directly affected its value. It may be qualified officially working team of finishers, or novice decorators offering their services quite cheaply. Tending to select more than cheap labour, we should not forget about the possible dangers of unskilled workers can offer questionable quality repair service, in this case, the money will just be wasted.
Age of home and type of construction also determines the calculation of the amount of repair work. In new homes the repair cost is much cheaper in the old more expensive, respectively.
Determine prices for materials. you can afford it. Procurement of expendable materials costs, which are included in the total cost of repairs. It can be luxury and even exclusive content, but also quite inexpensive and practical.
Be sure to note in the estimate for the repair consumables required in the preparatory phase of repair works (primers and fillers, glues, wire, dry mixes, etc.). They should be of decent quality, can have a significant impact on the quality of the finish.Keep in mind that the calculations on repairs carried out on the basis of the preliminary design of the project, have an error of 2-5% of project design accuracy of 2-3 less.