What affects the price of the apartment

The main parameters used for assessment of the apartment are neighborhood, type of home, number of rooms, area, floor. But, if we are talking about the area, be aware that the apartment is in a house located near an industrial area, will cost less than the one with Windows overlooking the Park. If it is near the metro station, it increases the price of the apartment, but if the line runs under the house, the price correspondingly falls.

To determine the type of the house if he is not an old building, it is easy: it could be "Lux", "khruschovka" or "Breznev", as well as panel houses a number of model of brick buildings, which were built in 60-ies and 70-ies. In the case where the apartment is located in the old building, considered the year when the building was erected, and its condition, the presence of an overhaul and material of ceilings, state of the entrances, main and stairs, the availability of space for Parking.
Standard houses important parameter is the number of rooms in the apartment, and for buildings the elite category more important area.

The floor on which the apartment is located, is also important, but here there are nuances. If this is a typical house located in the back of the quarter or on a quiet street, first and last floors will cost less. But if the house is on a busy main road and the apartment on the ground floor can be converted to commercial premises or it is located on the last floor of the skyscraper, offering gorgeous panorama, this apartment will cost more.

How to assess the real value of the apartment

To assess the market value of the apartment, a comparative analysis by reviewing the specialized publications and Internet sites, and ads that sell similar apartments in the houses located in your area. If you have new neighbors who recently bought an apartment in your home, talk to them and make a correction on the current situation, because the prices are not standing still.
There are online services, where to assess the value of his apartment in the on-line mode.

You can also call the realtor and call him the main parameters of his apartment. The sales experience and existing databases, he can easily "offhand" called the lower and upper bound of the cost of similar apartments. The upper limit takes into account the value of the "estate" of the interest of the service, you can rely on the average value.