The employer has the right to bring to work overtime without written consent of the employee during emergency, accidents and emergency situations at the enterprise. As you can not attract pregnant women, women with children under 3 years of age, minors, the disabled and employees for health reasons to submit a doctor's certificate of inability to work extra hours. This category of staff can be involved in overtime work in emergency situations at the enterprise only with their written consent.
If the situation at the enterprise is not an emergency, disaster or emergency, to involve in overtime work only exceptionally written consent. The head of the enterprise shall order the involvement of employees to work overtime with a listing of all who are involved in this work and specifies in the order the reason for the necessary overtime work. Even if the order is not issued, it is not considered a gross violation. A gross violation is not to take from the employee a written agreement on the work over the schedule and to pay all processing to double or not to grant the additional day off.
To work beyond working hours can attract up to 4 hours for the two days that follow each other and not more than 120 hours per calendar year.
Work on the initiative of the employee without the consent of the employer is not considered to be processing and not paid double.
Employees, whose employment contract specified long working hours do not qualify for payment of overtime. They are given a monetary reward for a large duration of the working day.
Hours of processing are put in the account timesheet total with the main working time. The end of the calculation period is cumulative, it takes time, allotted according to the work schedule. The difference between the amounts obtained by processing paid double time or an additional day off.