All people are different in character and perception. For someone that appears a problem is quick and by, and someone takes the soul and care. Everything starts to fall from hands, the constant screaming and disruptions to your beloved and dear people. In the result, the relationships become bad, and sometimes even over. And then it begins to seem that everything is set up just against you. It is even more infuriating, there is aggressiveness and insecurity. And while some kill themselves, others quietly live and enjoy life.
Even if you had some tragic event in the family, problems with work, not to build a personal life, etc., do not always blame yourself in some way. It's a life that brings not only the good moments. Learn to happy with what you have now, and not once was or will be. Everything in life comes and goes. All the negativity, too, someday.
Do not stay in place, and go forward overcoming all the difficulties on your way. Do what you is interesting and fun. Take a break and make other people pleased, but in any case not crevices on them. Life is too short, sometimes not even enough time to correct their mistakes.
If the soul is bad, then give someone joy. Get off the street and give a small child candy. You'll see how much sincere happiness from one little candy. You will become much easier. If you love to shop, then go and buy yourself a new thing. If you can't live without Japanese food, then treat yourself to a trip to the restaurant. The problems and hardships sooner or later go away or be forgotten. Search for pleasant moments in each day and minute. Just live for yourself, for loved ones. Challenges make people stronger, more experienced and wiser. If I offended someone, ask forgiveness. Fix small bugs that fix now. Do not procrastinate, because it may not be.
And finally, lie on the couch, turn on a good and your favorite music and analyze your life. Understand what's stopping you and fix. Remove the burden from the soul. If this is not done, it is possible to regret for the rest of my life. And giving people joy and happiness. And all to you will necessarily return.