The first thing I want to do is to forget everything and run. But the way "buy a ticket to the sea or a ticket to the village to the grandmother" is not the best. He will give only momentary result. And then still need to be back home in the real world. And then the pain will only become more acute. All in the usual life will be reminded of the pain of memory was muted for a short time. And in return she will once again possess my heart.
To get rid of the pain, you need to call its cause. Clearly articulate it out loud. Or write. The main thing – to realize. Maybe this will require the source – it can be a best friend or a psychologist. If the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, you need to understand what wound care painneck? It may be the fear of loneliness or a sense of guilt towards the deceased. If you throw a loved one, you need to understand what really happened as a result of his care: lost confidence in the future or wounded pride.
When the cause is identified and understood, you need to start slowly to remove it. To start to say to yourself: "I'm in painshe won't live with this painth. And to get rid of her, tomorrow I'll do something new – start to write poetry, to pour into their suffering, or to blog, to share the pain, along with the readers. Go to a dance or a fight to vent his pain physically. Will be engaged in embroidery or manufacture of soft toys, to hard work has dulled the emotional pain." Someone will be easier after he will cry for a whole night – all depends on the temperament, training and habits.
Now you can start to get rid of what reminds you of the cause of mental pain. To remove the or even to throw photos and things of the person who is the source of pain. Or less chat with him if he is still present in my life. If the source of heartache – loss of a job, then do not read articles on professional topics, to avoid contact with former colleagues.
When the cause is identified and understood, there is nothing that can remind about her, and the emptiness in my life filled a favorite pastime, you can say: "I'm starting a new life, free of heartache". And start to enjoy every day. Search for this supply. It could be a favorite song heard on the radio, a conversation with a loved one, eaten on the night chocolate, walking in the rain barefoot and without an umbrella, buy a new dress or tie. Reasons for joy very much. Them much painshe than reasons to be sad!And each new day is a powerful medicine against heartache.