Emotional pain can be of different types, quite often it may be far-fetched. In other words, people saw the injustice to anyone and was very upset. However, most often the person my heart aches, but he can't understand why this is happening. So it hurts the soul, and most likely, we should expect the next stroke of fate. In this case, there is still time to change this but we must act quickly.


When the soul hurts because of the negative occurrence, with the beloved person, should not give up, because you can help him, even if he lives in another country. In this case, you need to apply the visualization, that is, to imagine that all is well with him and he enjoys life. However, there is little to draw in your imagination a lively picture, you also need to be able to simulate them. In other words, you need to actually experience joyful emotions, only in this case will send a close person positive changes that will soon manifest in his life.

New occupation

If the soul is sick for unknown reason, most likely, a person's unsettled life, enjoy it something was missing. But before the depression in the neighborhood, therefore, an urgent need to cheer up, the best option would be a new occupation. Should consider the pleasure and make it. Often in such situation, save a shopping trip, preferably with friends. In this case, you must manage to escape from the bustle and new things will surely lift your spirits. If no money for shopping, you can make an ordinary get-togethers with friends. That's just about sad things do not need to say, let this evening will be dedicated only to positive moments.


Often the person hurts the soul, because he feels loneliness and emptiness inside. In this case, a shopping trip with your friends does not solve the problem. However, the problems that the person can understand yourself, to meditate, to understand how we can change the situation and become happy. With practice will come to an understanding that he is not alone, it's just his illusion.

If you meditate regularly, you can find yourself, and then the inner emptiness is filled with a feeling of happiness. After all this and seek any person. Through meditation you can look at the world through different eyes, and then there will be new goals that will be achieved quickly and effortlessly. Soul will be happy with such changes, and never gets sick.