Love yourself. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. With all faults, weaknesses, and other frightening moments you. Value yourself, your personality and your body.
Do things you love. Don't waste your life force on an occupation that you do not like. Choose a profession that will bring pleasure. If you take a position that is contrary to your inner world, don't be afraid to leave and to retrain in that area which always attracted you.
Surround yourself with family and loving people. Without them inner balance to achieve is quite difficult. Of course, self-sufficiency plays an important role, but it is friends will come to the rescue when trouble happens, and they will share in all your victories.
Devote time taking care of yourself. This concerns not only the outer shell but also the inner world. Stay with myself in order to feel your condition, to get rid of the worries, enjoy the achievements.
Prioritize. Decide for yourself what is important to you. It can be family, work, your personal interests or the interests of the group (family, work team). Once you understand that it occupies most of your thoughts, you can focus on that and work more in the right direction. Over time, this will contribute to the attainment of inner peace and harmony, because you will no longer bother you, for example, devote little time to his son.
Make peace with external circumstances that you can't affect. Acceptance of the terms and rules of the game is an important aspect of inner peace. Try to understand that life won't always be as you dreamed. But that does not mean you have to give up.