Read This is one of the most accessible of pleasures that restore spiritual harmony. Climb with legs in a comfortable chair, get a warm blanket, grab your favorite book and spend a few hours for the benefit of their physical and mental health. If you don't like to read, get the album art and devote the evening to study ancient works of art. In addition, in the bookstore you can purchase books that are designed to treat depression. In them you will find many beautiful illustrations and philosophical sayings on all occasions.
Musicpromotion listen to the classical music or songs for relaxation with sounds of nature very effectively eliminates the symptoms of depression like insomnia and anxiety. Buy the whole season ticket to the Conservatory and weekly enjoy the wonderful classical melodies. And after the concert, walk along the street – walk will greatly enhance the therapeutic effect of music.
Find hobbynutte to knit, embroider, sew or make any crafts. Manual work is not only appreciated, but also helps to restore peace of mind. And if you find an unusual hobby, such as making dolls or making ikebana, you can surprise all friends and relatives.
Digitalisnaya something that has long dreamed of - sign up for a dance, yoga or drama Studio. So you can improve your fitness, learn to move beautifully and to Express your emotions, get a lot of fun, and also get rid of heavy thoughts and longing.
Obsitelinosti human communication has long been virtually inaccessible luxury. Talking with loved ones by phone or through the Internet, you don't get the emotional feeding, which is full of "live" conversation. Gather in the kitchen company of classmates, set the table, talk about it and remember funny stories from school life. The pleasure of communicating, probably, get not only you.
Arrange sessions aromaterapiia constant stress and nervous strain, it is recommended to relax using aromatic oils. In pure form they can be to drip in the aroma lamp, and, mixing with vegetable oil, use for bath or massage. Calming effect have lavender, sandalwood, geranium, neroli, Melissa, rose and rosemary oil.