Sometimes a man struggling with his anxiety through a variety of sedative drugs, medicines, folk prescriptions. Someone is trying to stifle this feeling is excessive alcohol consumption or Smoking. Some believe that they help to calm down high-calorie food in large quantities or bezperestanno cleaning of the apartment.

Anxiety contributes to an individual's life is confusion. If this condition began to appear often enough, it might make sense to seek help from a professional psychologist. When the alarm plays only a bit part in your life, you can try to handle it by yourself.

But to let it go in any case impossible. Keep in mind that in the future, uncontrolled anxiety can result in impaired functioning of various organs that can lead to food disorders, dependence on alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, insomnia, neurosis, heart disease.

Before you start to deal with anxiety, realize that this sense of danger has no objective reasons. When you clearly understand what your fears are false, it will be easier to overcome them. Think about why you do not feel safe. Maybe some negative events in your past still affect your condition.

In this case it is necessary to consider those cases in which you are injured. Sometimes it helps detailed analysis of the situation, understanding their mistakes and awareness of how to adjust future behavior to avoid such a situation. Some people, who bore so the lesson, calm down, but others continue to survive. Now about self-esteem and distrust of yourself.

Raise the level of respect and love for yourself. Together with them will improve and become adequate to your self-esteem. Remember your victories. Stop spending is not beneficial to you compare with other people's lives.

If you are concerned about the possibility that some sort of a particular situation, the maximum prepare for it. For example, if you are afraid of deserted streets because of possible attacks by stray dogs, learn techniques that you can protect yourself from this animal. Do not take a passive position of the victim, go ahead, take some steps to feel stronger and more confident.