Peace and harmony is impossible without joy and love in your heart. Don't be afraid to give their time and sharing their soul,and equitable energy, treat people positively. If you expect from others good deeds, to see the best in people and treat them with all my heart, you can discover what's around you a lot of wonderful people. Treating people positively and kindly, you will notice that they answer you in return. When a person is all right in relations with other people, it is a good basis for inner balance.
Treat problems as problems, so out of place fallen on your head, but a task that must be performed. Many rush to blame their problems colleagues, friends and relatives, they are ready to reveal all the secrets of his life companion on the train, complaining about life all the way, but they are not asking themselves what the true cause of the difficulties. And it often lies in the man! Try to understand if there is something that bothers you in yourself? Sometimes, to find harmony, you need to change. Don't blame yourself and work on yourself.
Goodbye other. We all make mistakes. If there are people you can't forgive, can't forget them what they did to you – the showervnogo of rest you achieve. Justice is a category of the law, and even there it is not always, and judge the person "by grace", so goodbye. Moreover, forgiveness should be to give not only others, but yourself! This is very important because many years can't forgive myself any mistakes, blaming himself for everything bad.
Rejoice in the small things. This is the life, not of the major and big events. If you have the opportunity to do some small thing that will delight your family – don't miss the opportunity to do it. Such things at first glance seem insignificant, but they allow you to achieve permanent good mood, and this before the showervnogo peace of mind – one step.
When planning something, tell yourself not "should I do this" and "I want to do it." Because most of the things that you "should" do, in fact, are your planned and wanted things that you really want to do. For example, without experiencing the desire right now to go to the store for flour, you plan to bake something tasty and to surprise his family. That is, in fact, you should not go for purchase and want to do it to achieve your goal.