Find the cause of the undesirable condition. Determine whether it has grown into a depression. For this read its main characteristics. These include: trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, fatigue immediately after morning awakening and loss of interest in life. About depression can speak and if the usual case performed with great difficulty and hard decisions. All this gives cause for concern. Depression is a serious disease, it has no age restrictions.
If these signs do not have, most likely, the problem is solved. After its removal the burden on the soul will be lost. To remove the cause of bad mood, be sure to determine and record the reasoning. Most likely, the problem lies in your point of view. Try to look at the situation and realize that there is another opinion, which you may not even suspect.
Act, if the realized real guilt. If the result of the reasoning realized that made a mistake, we should admit and fix it, even if much time has passed. Give yourself a chance to remove from the soul the heavy. Don't be afraid to be misunderstood and proceed as quickly as possible.
Smile more often. Smile and sincere laughter, even relieve a lot of stress. If someone is offended, calm down, take care of yourself. Spend more time for walks in the fresh air. Do something fun, but don't overload yourself.
Learn to communicate. Make an appointment with friends who have not seen. Go for a shared, uplifting and interesting topics, make appropriate compliments and know how to take them correctly. Listen carefully to the interlocutor. Let him remain the best impression of you.