Write down on a piece of paper the names of all the groups by which you came to know and love rap. Take a basis inspires you factor, think of and write down next to each group name is close in meaning to the concept. This is also a sign of gratitude and respect for their favorite band. For example, if the first rapgroup that has made an impression on you, it "cast discography", then your group you can call "Kastamonu", "Castagnata" or even making a note of humor, "Costabrava".
Analyze the lyrics of their songs. Determine the main focus of their topics and based on that try to Express it in one or two words. If it's not too loud, then translate it into English or any else, possibly in another language these words will sound beautiful, original and pleasing to the ear.
Listen to the inner voice, try to intuitively choose how you would like the name of your group. Repeat several times aloud those names that tells the subconscious that try to add to them the quickening adjectives, for example, if you are thinking of the word "Albatross", then let it be "dashing Albatross", "crazy" or "desperate."
Ask for help to friends, it's possible some of them will give you good advice or idea. Rap for many decades living the music scene. In 40-ies of the richly rhymed speech used Cab Calloway communicating with their audience. Include the name or surname in the name of their group or something interesting to beat this, for example Calloway-park. However you can choose to use the name of the name of any unknown artists who first began to use rap on the scene, such as Charlie Daniels, Arlo Gutherie, Lou Rawls, or Bo Diddley.
Well, if never inspired, then proceed just write first letters of the names of participants in your group, a hyphen, and put the figure obtained as a result of addition years all participants. You should get something like "Gros-88", "MK-47" or "URIM-116".