You will need
  • Accuracy, completeness, rag bag or piece of cloth, tape, sanity.
Crucial rate the strength of their prejudices and try to treat the ejection of the mirror as to the ordinary home business. You don't worry when you take out other debris.
How to throw a mirror
Remove the old mirror from the wall, carefully wrap it the piece of cloth. Can be pasted on a large mirror after a few strips of duct tape. This will make the mirror less fragile and will protect you from cuts.
How to throw a mirror
Take the mirror on the trash in the yard, and gently hold him there against the wall or Baku. Maybe someone else will need an old mirror. In any case it is not necessary to break the mirror and throw it in the tank. The shards can cut then other people (the homeless or the poor pensioners who love to look for different items to landfill).
How to throw a mirror
Broken mirror throw in a linen bag. Plastic bag immediately broken. If you believe that breaking a mirror can bring failure, then follow some rules. Go to the mirror on the left side and assemble the pieces without looking at them. Is considered an especially bad omen if see your reflection in the shards of a broken mirror.
How to throw a mirror
A small mirror, a vanity with mirrors, bags with mirrors put in an ordinary plastic bag, and take out the trash. If things are still in good condition, can leave them somewhere on a bench near the entrance. Usually these things are quickly finding new owners.
How to throw a mirror