There are two types of these tools: roller and diamond (depending on how the cutting part of this instrument). Inline glass cutter actually cutting part of a small wheel of very hard metallokordovogo alloy. At diamond glass cutter cutting part is crystal industrial diamond in a metal frame. Both types of glass cutters are equipped with handles.
In addition to the glass cutter will need a long metal ruler, pliers with rubber gaskets for breaking mirror and a small hammer.
Necessarily need to prepare the mirror to work – clean off dust and dirt by wiping with a cloth, and if necessary, rinse with soda solution.
Mirror, born from the cold, can not be cut, it will inevitably crack.
Next, the prepared mirror laid on the Desk with smooth surface all plane and begin to mark the line of cut. Attaching a wide range near the line segment (an offset from the cutting line of 1-2mm for roller glass cutter and 3-4mm for diamond), performed according to the mirror tool, keeping it perpendicular to the mirror. It should remain colourless trail. If all procedures are performed correctly, the mirror should emit a characteristic noise.
After performing a cut mirror move to the edge of the table so that it hung down to 3-5mm.
Then cut a piece breaks off, grasping the edge with his hands and pushing down sharply.
For cutting thick mirror will be useful to hammer, they need slightly obstuchal the part that will need to be separated from the main cloth.
A very thin mirror break off after notching pliers with rubber gaskets.